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Super Mario Maker 2 is a new and exciting game for mobile devices that lets you create your own custom Super Mario Bros. levels using various themes, power-ups, and enemies from the classic games. Whether you’re an experienced level designer or just starting out, this game gives you all the tools you need to create amazing levels in no time. If you’re looking to download the Super Mario Maker 2 APK for your Android device, this post is for you.

Super Mario Maker 2 offers a wealth of tools and options that allow you to create truly unique levels that both look and play great. The game comes with a variety of themes and styles based on different games in the Super Mario franchise, including New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario World, and many more. You can also choose from a variety of enemies to populate your levels with, including classic baddies like Goombas and Koopas as well as new enemies like Boom Boom and Dry Bones.


When it comes to creating levels in Super Mario Maker 2, the sky really is the limit. There are a variety of different tools and options available that allow you to customize almost every aspect of your level, from its color palette and background music to the type of enemies and power-ups that appear on screen. The game also includes an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to create and edit your levels, as well as a robust level editor that lets you build your levels piece by piece. Whether you’re new to the series or an experienced Mario Bros. fan, Super Mario Maker 2 is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create their own custom Super Mario levels from scratch.


The graphics in Super Mario Maker 2 are some of the best we’ve seen in mobile games. The level themes and styles available in this game are all based on classic Super Mario levels from the franchise, so you can be sure to enjoy top-quality visuals whether you’re playing a retro-style New Super Mario Bros. level or something a bit more modern. The enemies and power-ups in the game are all beautifully rendered, with clean lines and bright colors that help to make your levels look even more amazing. Whether you’re creating a level or playing through one of the pre-made ones, Super Mario Maker 2 is sure to impress with its slick graphics and fun gameplay.


The sound effects and background music in Super Mario Maker 2 are all high-quality and true to the series. The game comes with a wide variety of classic music tracks from different games in the franchise, so you can be sure your levels will have the perfect soundtrack for whatever type of level you’re creating. The sound effects are also great, with all the familiar sounds from classic games like jump noises, character voices, and more. If you’re a fan of Super Mario games on mobile or just looking for a fun new game to play, you won’t want to miss out on this amazing title.


The controls in Super Mario Maker 2 are simple and intuitive, making it easy to create complex levels even if you’re a complete beginner. The game features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that lets you place enemies and objects wherever you want on the screen, as well as special tools like copy and paste buttons that let you to save time when you’re building your level. There’s also a helpful on-screen button that lets you easily move the camera around and see the full extent of your level, so you can be sure everything looks just right.

Replay Value:

Super Mario Maker 2 offers a wealth of content for its players to enjoy, ranging from a variety of different level themes and styles to the ability to create your own custom levels. Whether you’re playing through one of the pre-made levels or creating your very own, this game is sure to keep you engaged for hours. If you’re looking for an easy way to let your imagination run wild and create unique Super Mario levels that you can show off to your friends, look no further than Super Mario Maker 2!

Key Features:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating custom Super Mario levels
  • Large selection of pre-made levels and themes to choose from
  • Ability to add various enemies, power-ups, and other objects to your level as you see fit
  • Onscreen button for easily moving the camera around and viewing the full extent of your level
  • High-quality graphics and sound effects that are true to the Super Mario series
  • Endless replay value thanks to the ability to create your own levels and share them with friends online

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