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Play This Game on Your Android Mobile Pac-Man Championship Edition,a is a 2007 maze video game developed and published by Namco Bandai Games for the Xbox 360. It has since appeared on several other platforms, including the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and iOS devices. It is an HD reimagining of the original Pac-Man arcade game; players navigate Pac-Man through an enclosed maze, eating pellets and avoiding four ghosts that pursue him. Clearing an entire side of the maze of dots will cause a fruit item to appear, and eating it will cause a new maze to appear on the opposite side.

Development of Championship Edition was headed by director Tadashi Iguchi, alongside producer Nobutaka Nakajima and designer Toru Iwatani, the original creator of Pac-Man — Championship Edition was the final game he designed. Unhappy with earlier attempts to remake Pac-Man for removing many of the common elements present in the original, the development team focused on taking the original concept and expanding on two core features: the game speed and new mazes, which they felt would be the best way to “modernize” it. Iguchi was not much of a Pac-Man fan, spending much of his time thinking about how hardcore Pac-Man fans would react to the game’s new features and ideas. It was chosen to make the game feel like an arcade game, due to it being released for the Xbox Live Arcade service

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