Bounce Touch Game Download For Android MOD APK

Bounce Touch Game for Android

In the original Bounce game the player controls a red ball through many levels in a 2D side-scrolling game world. It came pre-loaded on many Nokia mobile phones and is considered one of the most well-known Nokia mobile games along with Snake.

The player controls a red ball with the requirements to go through all hoops. The ball can also become big, allowing it to float in water areas (which is coloured blue). Enemies come in the form of static yellow coloured obstacles (called “candles”) as well as spiky blue moving objects (commonly referred to as “spiders” by the game fanbase). Touching an enemy will result in the loss of a life.

Bounce classic game code for android

Fly in air

  • During gameplay, press 787899 and then press # to fly in the air.

High score and Level Complete

  • During gameplay, press 787899 and then press 5 to complete level and get 500 points. This way you go on accumalating points and make the high score. At level 11 press 3 to go to level 1 and repeat the high score proces.


  • During gameplay, enter 787898 for Invincibility.

Level select

  • Click 787899 when you play the game, then you’ll hear a sound, then click 1 to go to the previous level or click 3 to go to the next level.

How to hack bounce game in android

The player controls a ball that bounces red through 11 levels. He must avoid the obstacles and collect all the rings to go to the next level.
Collect crystals gain extra points, while crystal balls give an extra life. Jumping on a rubber floor give extra bounce.

How to download Bounce Touch Android APK on Your Mobile

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  • Bounce Touch APK Zip File Downloading Start

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